GETHybrid is affiliated with GETeducare and therefore we are a member of The Independent Schools of Southern Africa (ISASA)

Is Homeschooling your child leaving you feeling frustrated? Is it taking too much of your time?

Why not consider Daily Hybrid Interactive e-classes, using accessible media anywhere in South Africa.
Real-time daily classes with Student/Teacher interaction!

Daily classes, Teacher/Student Lessons, are conducted via Google Meet.

GETeducare is our syllabus and requires a yearly registration with which is our learning portal:
The registration fees are between R1500 and R2800 per year (depending on the student’s grade)
Tutorial books are required and available online in PDF/E-Books, as well as offline in Printed Copies, these are between R1310 and R2200 per set (sets are per student’s grade)
** is an Associate Member of The Independent Schools of Southern Africa (ISASA)

We begin class daily from 8 am and finish at 1 pm.
Teachers will post class links on the Whatsapp groups.

Join your class.
Be on time.
Have your notebook and stationary ready and make notes during class.
Switch your camera ON.
Switch your sound OFF while teachers are giving the lessons.
Download your timetable.
Follow your weekly dashboard.

Lessons can be done as group sessions or individual sessions.
Students are required to join socializing opportunities – These include:
Term functions including Market days, Certificate days, Report Card days, Matric Farewell etc. Team building including group project work, group meetings, Outings, camps. Education activities including debate clubs and museum visits. Sporting activities including physical activities, club sports, etc.
Contact your institution to check for these available options. Note that these institutions charge their own fees.

Enjoy your day at GETHybrid!

What is GETHybrid Interactive e-classroom?

Hybrid e-learning is moving forward, and away from, a traditional classroom setting:
As the term Hybrid learning refers to “blended learning” students get an opportunity to have a combination of both traditional school attendances with home instructions.

Hybrid learning/teaching refers to Full teacher/class virtual interaction e-learning, on the syllabus.

Hybrid learning is a way of combining traditional classroom experiences, experiential learning objectives, and digital course delivery that emphasizes using the best option for each learning objective.

GETHybrid subjects offered by GETeducare

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies, included in this subject:
    • Economics,
    • History,
    • Civics and Government,
    • Geography.
  • Science, included in this subject:
    • Life Science,
    • Physical Science,
    • Earth and Space Science.
  • Additional Subjects included and available:
    • Afrikaans (up to Grade 8 only)
    • Conservation Education
    • Psychology

Advantages of GETHybrid Interactive e-schooling

Our fully interactive student/teacher e-learning platform is perfect for delivering real time responsive teaching to all our students. When designed effectively and combined with other learning mediums, a fully interactive e-learning platform is a much-needed element for our students learning.

Teacher student Online Learning Accommodates Everyone’s Needs.
Students interact with teachers on a daily basis via google-meet.
Students are encouraged to record their sessions to watch again at a later stage.
It is flexible and can be done remotely, even if the family goes away for a midweek break!
Socialization options keep them socially connected.
Concentration improves as there are no distractions = better grades.
Students engage in group discussions with peers during each session.
Reduce costs regarding school uniforms, transport fees and numerous books.
Loads of socializing opportunities available.

Workbooks are checked and marked immediately, students are given immediate feedback regarding work completed.
There are also multiple videos that the student can watch over again to help with understanding of the topics and lessons.
Additional video links provide extra help for learning the content.

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