The concept of assistive technology together with compensatory teaching is not a new one, and very popular in many educational settings. There are many distractions during class sessions, children’s fidgeting is just one such example. This can be very frustrating for a learner with learning challenges such as ADD.

Here at Honeycomb College, we recommend that our teachers upload content based on our revised curriculum to the student’s online learning portal. The portal is easy to understand and operate and is designed to assist students with learning challenges. Our teachers use assistive technology whereby they upload the weekly lessons where the student can review what was being taught. This is where our students can revise the content to aid their understanding once they return home after a long day at school.

Students with learning challenges such as dyscalculia or dyslexia can review their lessons at home during their own time to help them remember what they learned during class.

Further to this, students are required to complete weekly online educational tasks or assessments such as quizzes and questions with real-time grading based on the syllabus. Other tasks can be in the form of video notes, Problem-Solving Case Studies, or creating mindmaps or PowerPoint presentations which they have to submit to their teacher for grading.

Students with learning challenges are allowed to use a calculator during math as we have discovered not all students have a fully developed long term memory for memorization of the times tables.

We encourage our learners who struggle with reading to use applications such as ’From text to speech’ to help them make sense of the ‘sea of letters’.

This idea is also supported by the recent research done by Adebisi, R.O., Liman, N.A., & Longpoe, P.K. (2015) and mentions that assistive technology can be used to enhance basic skills.

These methods of assistive technology give all students an equal opportunity to succeed in their academic career.

Adebisi, R.O., Liman, N.A., & Longpoe, P.K. (2015). Using assistive technology in teaching children with learning disabilities in the 21st century. Journal of Education and Practice, 6(24), 14-20. Retrieved from

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