Every child is registered with CAPS or GED® learning curricula, they receive daily lessons and we ensure they complete their required tasks and preset work and activities on a daily basis.  We assist them with one-on-one explanations when they have questions and need help, so they don’t have to sit at home alone while their parents are at work.

Honeycomb College Fees are for 11 months only.  The last payment is at the end of November and only again at the end of January the following year! 

For our Juniors, Honeycomb College Grade 1 to 7 offer in-class tutoring for students who aim to complete their primary school on the CAPS Syllabus.

Our students enjoy one-on-one assistance, explanations, lessons and attention from qualified teachers.

Grade 1 to 7 Subjects:
Social Studies
Life Skills


For our Seniors, Honeycomb College Grade 8 to 12 offer in-class tutoring for students who aim to complete their high school on the American Syllabus.

Go to our GETeducare website to learn more about the GED® Educational Learning Program.

We offer the GETeducare Syllabus with weekly lessons / classes, of which also  includes many voice and video guides, books and term tests.

High school learners can be assured of quality examinations in accordance with the legislation policy for administration to University.

Grade 8-12 Core Subjects:
Social Studies
Problem Solving & Psychology

Students explore several genres of writing and media over the course of the year, with the central idea that purpose and audience drive format and style.
The goal of textual study is to expose students to a wide range of texts and to inspire actively involved readers.

Mathematics course is based upon the Common Core Standards for mathematics. In Grade 8-12 with the focus on three critical areas:
(1) formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations, including solving linear equations;
(2)  using functions to describe quantitative relationships;
(3) analyzing two- and three-dimensional shapes and applying the Pythagorean Theorem.

Science in Grade 8-12 course content is based on a grade-appropriate introduction to chemistry and physics and developing overall science literacy, including content, process skills and attitudes. Students learn to conduct experiments, and analyze and communicate the results.

The year begins with a unit on thinking and reading like a historian. This study informs and drives our studies throughout the year. The importance of questioning, challenging and analyzing are essential aspects of all our units. 

​Outcome-based project management education for emerging leaders. To teach students the importance of problem solving
 and how it can improve their educational experience. Students will learn:
(1) Team-building skills required for successful outcomes,
(2) Critical-thinking and analytical decision-making capabilities to investigate solutions to complex scientific problems.
(3) Creative problem solving methods.



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